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Talk something about injection molding for plastic handles of makeup brushes
Published:2018-9-27  Source:The Company Read:691

For some customized makeup brushes with plastic handles, injection molding is essential to get required handle shape. It is known that the plastic injection molding cost is rather high; some customers cannot understand why they have to pay so much while they have not got any sample yet. They questioned that even with 3D printing, the price is much lower than injection molding.

Here we need to explain something about injection molding. It is true that the molding cost is high, but with such mold, the following cost on each brush handle will be very low. The plastic factory staff only need to put raw material into the mold, and comes out the exact required handles. With such mold, the handle dimension and shape will be 100% the same as request. And it only needs one mold no matter how many handles you need, also, it can be used in all following orders.

Of course, if the order quantity of the makeup brushes is too small, it is not cost-effective to develop a mold, as with such molding cost, the average price of each brush will be high. In this case, it is better to change the handle to wooden handle.

If the order quantity is big enough with special handle design, injection molding is the best choice.

For any special design for customizing makeup brushes, please firstly contact professional makeup brush factory for further discussion.

All rights reserved by Kingyin makeup brushes Co., Ltd

All rights reserved by Kingyin Makeup Brushes Co., Ltd

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