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Makeup brush handle material

Published Time:Saturday on Feb 13 2021 10:10:32 Source:未知 Read:

The handle material of makeup brushes can be plastic, wood, metal, acrylic, bamboo and so on.

Wooden handle: The wooden handle and plastic handle is the most common handles of makeup brushes. Wooden handle is mostly used for medium and high-grade makeup brushes; the surface can be painted to vary colors. The material can be schima superba, mahogany, rubber wood, birch wood, Dalbergia odorifera, sandalwood etc, with big price difference. The most popular and cost-effective material is birch wood. If customers do not specify exact wooden handle, the makeup brush factory usually considers birch wood.

Bamboo handle: becomes popular these years, due to the environmental protection, also very cost-effective.

Plastic handle: can be PS, ABS, AS, PE, PP, and diversified shapes upon design. We get required plastic parts via injection molding, and can add powders and liquid to the plastic handles, such as glitter powders, oil solutions, diamonds etc. The plastic handle is normally used for large quantity order makeup brushes, since the one-off molding fee is rather high, but the diversified design makes it popular for big brands.

Acrylic handle: can be transparent, coloring, waves, bubbles etc. The acrylic raw material is expensive, so the total makeup brush with acrylic handle is expensive too.

Metal handle: normally can be aluminum handle and copper handles; both can be freely printed logo and anodized to different colors. If copper handles, the whole makeup brush will be extremely expensive, few customers can afford the high cost especially for big orders.

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