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TikTok celebrates natural beauty

Published Time:Monday on Apr 25 2022 13:46:02 Source:未知 Read:

What is going on with TikTok users? Tired of filters promoting totally idealized beauty standards, many of them are now turning to a more authentic approach to beauty. Makeup-free posts are trending big time, buoyed by a host of influencers and celebrities, like Ashley Tisdale, who no longer hesitate to show themselves as they (really?) are, with not a filter in sight.

Each week brings something new on TikTok. Users of the social network, which is usually bursting with beauty and makeup tips of all kinds, and sometimes totally wacky, now seem to aspire to a more natural, authentic approach.

For several weeks, posts on the social media site favoured by the younger generations have been celebrating naturalness, self-assurance and diversity. Will the trend last? Nothing is less sure. But that doesn’t stop users from expressing a growing interest in videos without filters, makeup, or other embellishments, striving to meet beauty criteria that aspire to a certain idea of perfection.

Celebs looking normal
If there is not (yet) any particular hashtag to spearhead this trend, it is mainly expressed through terms like ’no makeup’, ’no makeup challenge’ or ’no makeup trend.’

American actress and singer Ashley Tisdale is one of the site’s users who has decided to show themselves naturally, soundtracked by the song "Tear in My Heart" by Twenty One Pilots, which quickly became the official anthem of this new beauty trend.

In a video posted at the end of March, the "It’s Alright, It’s OK" singer was first filmed with a filter giving her a glowing complexion and an ultra glamorous look. Then, in the blink of an eye, the filter disappears to reveal her au naturel, without the slightest hint of makeup, with the words "I love a no makeup trend." A post welcomed by many users of the social network, who did not fail to share their enthusiasm.

"I Love seeing celebs looking normal," one follower commented. Another user even said: "This trend is so wholesome."

And it seems that this natural, makeup-free trend has spread like wildfire on the social network, with videos of the kind multiplying at great speed.

Boosting self-esteem
For the first time in a long time, self-esteem is being celebrated on the social network, much to the delight of its users, who most often describe the trend as "healthy" or "refreshing."